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London Greens reaffirm support for safely staffed tube stations

London Green Party urges everyone to support the RMT’s campaign to make sure our tube stations are safely staffed.

Former Mayor of London, Boris Johnson cut over 800 staff from TFL, meaning ticket offices were closed and stations are now dangerously understaffed. it seems Sadiq Khan isn’t rectifying this and has condemned the industrial action that RMT and TSSA have been forced to take in recent times.

Green Party Assembly Member Caroline Russell said “With TFL staff saying they feel unsafe working on the underground and with passengers frustrated at lack of assistance, it is important that this situation is quickly resolved.

With the recent introduction of the night tube, it is more important than ever that our stations are safely staffed and that staff and passengers’ voices are heard.”

Green Party Trade Union Group co-secretary Lee Burkwood added this. “On a personal level, I have seen what it is like when underground stations are understaffed. As a passenger I needed assistance recently and to get the help I needed, it took a lot longer than it should have done because the station only had two staff present. Whatever action the RMT and TSSA have to take in future, we as a Trade Union Group will be supporting.”

There is a public rally in support of RMT’s campaign at 6:30pm tonight and Green Party representatives will be there and urge everyone reading this to go. The details are below and hopefully this will be the start of a widely supported campaign to make sure that the safety of staff and passengers on the Underground is guaranteed by the Mayor.

NB: Details of the rally are on the link below. 


GPTU support TSSA and RMT unions taking strike action over safety concerns.

The Green Party Trade Union Group (GPTU) express complete solidarity and support for members of the RMT and TSSA unions having to take strike action today. Whilst this has caused a lot of disruption for commuters travelling into central London, the fact that 800 jobs in the last year have been lost (Source: TSSA) means that safety has been compromised to unacceptable levels. RMT AND TSSA union members have sadly had to take action since last night because the deal offered by TFL does not guarantee enough staffing levels to ensure a safely run tube and does not offer more staff in control rooms which are dangerously understaffed and in some cases empty.

With more than 80% of staff reportedly feeling more unsafe due to a sharp spike in abuse from passengers and a passenger survey reporting lack visibility of staff on platforms and stations (Source: TSSA), it is bizarre that London Mayor Sadiq Khan chooses to call the Strike today “Pointless”. Surely he should be focusing his attack on the government for cutting the funding that TFL is getting rather than turning his anger on staff who are doing their best in an awful situation.

A GPTU spokesperson, Lee Burkwood, said “I find it disheartening that a Labour mayor would choose to attack ordinary workers fighting for jobs and worker and customer safety. Sadiq got a lot of support from Trade Union members when he first ran to be Labour’s candidate for Mayor and this is how he repays them. Meanwhile I’m pleased to see the Green Party’s former Mayor candidate and current London AM Sian Berry express her support and solidarity with the staff. On a personal note I recently had to get help from staff at South Woodford station with a particular issue and they were absolutely brilliant yet clearly overworked as there were only two of them. So I completely empathise with many underground workers that have taken this action today.”

To find out more about why the strike is happening and what you can do to support the campaign for a TFL system that puts #SafetyFirst, please visit the RMT and TSSA websites.

GPTU backs RMT workers in Southern dispute

Greens standing with striking RMT guards at Brighton Station earlier this year

The Green Party Trade Union Group (GPTU) are backing current RMT industrial action over driver-only trains. RMT have been taking strike action over a plan by Southern to move guards off of trains, risking passenger safety.

GPTU Co-chair Clare Keogh has said this. “The way Southern are risking passenger safety with this move, whilst offering cash bribes to their workers to get them off strike and bullying them on social media is nothing short of disgraceful. The fact there is disruption to passenger services is down to Southern conducting a money-saving exercise and risking the safety of their customers. This is yet more proof that privatisation has been a disaster for our railways.”

GPTU welcomes the fact that there were talks today between RMT and Southern Rail after Charles Horton said yesterday that he can guarantee a second member of staff on all Southern services. Sadly the talks broke down this morning after he backtracked on these assurances. The programme of industrial action will continue to go ahead.

Whilst the Tories appear to stand behind the company, the Green Party will stand fully behind workers fighting to protect safety in their workplaces as they have been doing for years. Having previously joined RMT workers on picket lines, Green Party members will continue to do all we can to show our solidarity in their dispute.

Indeed we welcome the fact that our co-leader Caroline Lucas has been invited to speak at a rally on the 1st November on this very issue. The protest assembles outside Parliament from 12:30pm and the rally is in Committee Room 10 from 2pm.

Greens stand with RMT Southern Conductors on strike over passenger safety

Davy Jones and Brighton and Hove Greens at the RMT conductors’ picket line at Brighton Station

Greens stood in solidarity with RMT Train Conductors on Southern Rail today and yesterday as they took strike action against the extension of driver-only operation (DOO).

The RMT called its members to take industrial action against the measure, which will not only mean fewer train conductors, but also put passengers’ and train drivers’ safety at risk.

Brighton and Hove Green Group leader Phélim Mac Cafferty visited the RMT picket line at Brighton Station early on in the strike, commenting that he was “proud” to show his support.

Davy Jones, Green Parliamentary Candidate for Brighton Kemptown, and other members of Brighton and Hove Greens also visited the picket line at Brighton Station to show solidarity with the RMT members on strike.

GPTU secretary Kieron Merrett supporting the RMT conductors’ picket line at Victoria

Meanwhile, Green Party Trade Union Group (GPTU) committee members Kieron Merrett and Anna Jordan stood in solidarity with RMT conductors on strike at London Victoria station this morning. GPTU was delighted to learn that the RMT’s strike has been rock solid, with near-full participation from Southern Conductors.

RMT members voted in huge numbers for the strike, giving the union an unassailable mandate for industrial action which far surpassed the new thresholds set down in the Tories’ Trade Union Bill. GPTU previously congratulated RMT on its “Trade Union Bill-busting” mandate for action.

GPTU wishes RMT conductors every success in their dispute with Southern Rail, and will support future planned strike dates on 10th-11th and 12th-13th May.


Green Trade Unionists hail RMT’s “Trade Union Bill-busting” mandate for industrial action

2174303605The Green Party Trade Union Group (GPTU) has hailed RMT’s cast-iron mandate for industrial action by conductors on Southern Rail, which achieved over 90% “yes” vote and over 80% turnout.

RMT’s ballot busts through all the new  restrictions that the Tory Government has threatened to impose via its Trade Union Bill

The Tory Government is attempting, with its Trade Union Bill, to impose new restrictions on the right to strike. They include a new minimum 40% turnout for strike ballots to be valid. In addition, in the public sector, at least 50% of those eligible to vote must vote “yes” for strike action to be permitted.

The RMT’s ballot soared over these potential hurdles by a wide margin, demonstrating that industrial action can and will continue despite the Tories’ draconian new rules.

RMT members will now be on discontinuous strike, with the first strike date scheduled for next week (Tuesday, 26th April, from 11am).

Kieron Merrett, GPTU secretary, said, “This Trade Union Bill-busting result is yet another huge strike mandate from RMT members – and it’s a slap in the face for the Tory Government which is attempting to suppress legitimate, democratic industrial action.

Congratulations to RMT train conductors on Southern Rail who voted “yes.” We look forward to giving them our full support during their strike.

The Green Party has been a staunch opponent of the Tories’ “draconian” Trade Union Bill.

Caroline Lucas, the Green Party’s RMT-backed MP, said:

The Trade Union Bill represents a savage and vindictive assault on UK employment rights – hitting at the heart of protections enshrined in international conventions. For a Government elected by only 24% of eligible voters to propose a 40% ‘yes’ threshold for public sector strikes reeks of hypocrisy.

I’ll be working with MPs from across the political parties in fighting this draconian piece of legislation as it passes through Parliament. If the Bill is passed into law, I would be prepared to join trade unionists and others in taking non-violent direct action to resist it.