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Watch: Free Our Unions with Daniel Randall

On Friday 20th August, the Green Party Trade Union Group welcomed Daniel Randall to speak to us from the Free Our Unions campaign.

Daniel is an RMT rep on the London Underground, and a co-organiser of the Free Our Unions campaign.

Free Our Unions is a campaign to repeal the UK’s anti-union laws and replace them with a positive bill of rights, securing the right to organise and strike without impediment. It is formally supported by the RMT, PCS, FBU, and IWGB unions, as well as dozens of union branches and sections across the UK.

Daniel spoke to us about the significance of the UK’s highly restrictive anti-union laws – perhaps the most severe in the Western world – and why repealing them is critical in order to win pillars of Green politics such as ecological justice and democracy.

Click here to watch Daniel Randall’s talk here.