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RMT Strike Solidarity Pack for Greens

Tens of thousands of rail workers are preparing to walk out over jobs, pay and conditions. RMT members are demanding a fair pay rise to match inflation, guarantees against compulsory redundancies, and the protection of key roles on the railways.

This is set to be the biggest rail strike since 1989 – and a milestone in the fight for real Government action on the cost of living crisis. A victory in this dispute could inspire a wave of action – from teachers to nurses and beyond – to force the Tories to hand workers real pay rises and tackle inequality.

But the Conservatives have other plans, and are already looking to seize the chance to further restrict lawful strike action and even force rail workers to scab on their colleagues.

In short, this is a major fight for the labour movement and we need to make sure we win.

The Green Party Trade Union Group committee has produced an explainer on why Greens should support the RMT’s action, including some materials you can use to get supporting the striking workers locally.