View: The Green Party must work side by side with trade unions

12 March 2021

This article was first published on Bright Green. It was written by Paul Valentine, a non-portfolio officer of the Green Party Trade Union Group. Trade unions, Green Party. Green Party, Trade unions. Four words I have batted around between Green and union activists alike. I have often observed an uncomfortable relationship between the two groups […]

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View: LGBT+ Rights and the Trade Union Movement – Building on a Historic Allyship

9 February 2021

By Joe Lever (he/him). Originally posted on the LGBTIQA+ Greens Voices page, on the occasion of the TUC’s #HeartUnions Week and as part of their LGBT History Month 2021 series. Trigger Warning: homophobia … It’s difficult to properly dissect modern UK LGBT+ history without at least acknowledging the impact of the Stonewall Riots, from across […]

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View: Shop workers need a fighting, radical union

22 January 2021

By Jake Welsh. Originally published on Bright Green. Anyone who has known me over the past 11 years knows my undying commitment to the Green Party of England and Wales as an electoral path to help move society in an eco-socialist direction. But electoral politics alone cannot bring about an eco-socialist society. We need grassroots […]

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Statements of solidarity

Campaign against the takeover of General Practice surgeries by Operose Health

30 April 2021

The Green Party Trade Union Group urges Green Party members and supporters to join the campaign against the takeover of General Practice surgeries by Operose Health, owned by Centene, a US health company.  The campaign includes a demonstration outside Operose Health HQ in Central London on Demonstration outside Centene headquarters on Thursday 22nd April 2021 […]

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#KillTheBill on Mayday

30 April 2021

Mayday #KillTheBill Protests Mayday #KillTheBill ProtestsUK-wide #KillTheBill protests and actions on the 1 May. This Saturday, tens of thousands of people will be taking to the streets to defend our basic civil rights in a UK-wide day of action. The Tories’ Policing Bill is an attempt to criminalise effective protest and dissent, and to trample […]

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Statement: workers demand real democracy

17 March 2021

Workers and workers’ organisations have a fine record fighting for democratic rights, from the Chartist movement to the movement for universal suffrage. Now, we are fighting for an electoral system that does not give the party of big business an unfair advantage. in our electoral processes. Significant suffrage campaigners on the left like Sylvia Pankhurst […]

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Statement: Oppose the Policing Bill

15 March 2021

The Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill (PCSC) due to be debated and voted on in the House of Commons this week presents perhaps the gravest threat to civil liberties in more than a generation. It must be opposed at all costs, in parliament and on the streets. The Coronavirus Act 2020 gave police wide-ranging […]

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Statement: Welcoming Supreme Court decision on Uber workers

19 February 2021

The Green Party Trade Union Group welcomes the Supreme Court’s unanimous decision to uphold the Employment Tribunal’s view that Uber drivers are workers in the view of the law, not contractors or self-employed individuals. Uber drivers are owed the basic rights owed to all workers: a minimum wage, union representation, the right to fight for […]

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Statement: Close Napier Barracks

7 February 2021

The Green Party Trade Union Group calls upon the Home Office to close down the Napier Barracks in Folkestone immediately. Napier barracks is an asylum seeker dispersal unit housing four hundred asylum seeking men. Napier Barracks is not fit for purpose and this is confirmed by the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus at the barracks. […]

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Statement: stop the British Gas fire

7 January 2021

The Green Party Trade Union Group expressed solidarity with GMB members as they take strike action over British Gas’ fire-and-rehire tactics. Fire-and-rehire is a tactic used by bosses to erode hard-won pay and conditions, by dismissing and rehiring workers on worse conditions. The group wrote to the GMB, saying: “Green Party Trade Union group sends […]

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