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Support the St Mungo’s strikers and donate to the hardship fund

The GPTU members’ meeting last night heard from a Unite speaker as the St Mungo’s strike entered its 11th week.

The workers are striking for a 10% pay rise. Their pay has been cut by 25% in real terms since 2010 while the St Mungo’s CEO’s salary has risen by 77% since 2013.

The homelessness charity, like many others, has become more corporate with an increase in well paid senior management roles and neglect of the frontline workers.

St Mungo’s had previously hired agency workers to try and break the strike but this practice was outlawed from August 10th, strengthening the strike. Since the action union membership has increased and morale remains high.

As well as strike action, funders of the charity are being lobbied. The role of the GLA and the London Mayor is particularly important as they funnel public funds through to St Mungo’s, some via London boroughs, and thus have a duty to ensure that they are properly spent and the contractual service delivered. This is not the case at present.

GPTU members and supporters in London can help by contacting their Assembly members and local councillors calling on them to intervene to bring about a settlement of the workers’ claim.

Inevitably the already low paid workers are suffering from lost wages during the strike at a time when all are suffering from the cost of living crisis. The GPTU urges those who can to donate to the hardship fund HERE.