UK Heatwave: How can we safeguard workers?

12 August 2022

Ben Gladwin, Warwickshire-based teacher and local NEU officer, highlights the example of schools as workers and unions in the UK increasingly call for climate protections. […]

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GPTU statement on Labour’s sacking of Sam Tarry

27 July 2022

We urge trade unionists and socialists to join the Green Party and be in a party that understands solidarity and the importance of workplace collective action. […]

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View: We All Need to Oppose Tory Anti-Union Laws

24 May 2022

We all need to oppose the Government’s latest proposed anti-union law. […]

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Dozens of Green candidates take pledge to support workers and unions

1 May 2022

Green Party candidates have taken the Trade Union Group’s pledge to support trade unions and workers’ rights if elected as local authority councillors. […]

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View: Five reasons why we should end outsourcing

23 March 2022

By using private contractors to deliver public services, local authorities are shortchanging their communities. It’s time this was better understood writes Ellen Lees on behalf of the Green Party Trade Union Group. […]

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View: The importance of working with unions

16 February 2022

I have seen first-hand how working closely with unions can have a transformative impact, both on the ways we work and on the community around us. […]

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View: The power of local politics

8 February 2022

As Greens we know that the impact of a shift in local politics can be transformative. […]

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View: Critical engagement with XR’s Black Friday Amazon blockades

29 November 2021

Extinction Rebellion is right to challenge business and government for leading the world into ecological catastrophe, but must establish close links with local working class communities. […]

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View: Empower the unions to fight the climate crisis

6 November 2021

We must empower the unions to fight the climate crisis, writes Green Party Trade Union Group Chair Matthew Hull on the COP26 Coalition’s Day of Action. […]

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View: The fight for PR needs to go through the unions

4 October 2021

The fight for PR needs to go through the unions, writes Usdaw rep Lee Booker. […]

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Statements of solidarity

Statement: workers demand real democracy

17 March 2021

Workers and workers’ organisations have a fine record fighting for democratic rights, from the Chartist movement to the movement for universal suffrage. Now, we are fighting for an electoral system […]

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Statement: Oppose the Policing Bill

15 March 2021

The Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill (PCSC) due to be debated and voted on in the House of Commons this week presents perhaps the gravest threat to civil liberties […]

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Statement: Welcoming Supreme Court decision on Uber workers

19 February 2021

The Green Party Trade Union Group welcomes the Supreme Court’s unanimous decision to uphold the Employment Tribunal’s view that Uber drivers are workers in the view of the law, not […]

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Statement: Close Napier Barracks

7 February 2021

The Green Party Trade Union Group calls upon the Home Office to close down the Napier Barracks in Folkestone immediately. Napier barracks is an asylum seeker dispersal unit housing four […]

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Statement: stop the British Gas fire

7 January 2021

The Green Party Trade Union Group expressed solidarity with GMB members as they take strike action over British Gas’ fire-and-rehire tactics. Fire-and-rehire is a tactic used by bosses to erode […]

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