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#KillTheBill on Mayday

Mayday #KillTheBill Protests

Mayday #KillTheBill ProtestsUK-wide #KillTheBill protests and actions on the 1 May.

This Saturday, tens of thousands of people will be taking to the streets to defend our basic civil rights in a UK-wide day of action.

The Tories’ Policing Bill is an attempt to criminalise effective protest and dissent, and to trample the rights of the Gypsy Romani and Traveller (GRT) community.

On May 1st, dozens of protests have been planned by a huge range of campaigns, NGOs and unions for a #KillTheBill day of action. You can find your local protest here:
Join your local protest here
If the Policing Bill passes, it will become a criminal offence to cause “serious annoyance, serious inconvenience or serious loss of amenity”. It will also be illegal to “reside on land without consent in or with a vehicle”, and Stop and Search powers will be beefed up, too. To read more about why we’re marching, check out this blogpost from Sisters Uncut. 

Thanks, and see you on the streets this Saturday.

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