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Appeal for climate change learning materials for NEU learning hub

From the NEU Climate Change Network

There is a flood of climate change learning materials out there. The National Education Union is aiming to put a selection of some of the most useful on our web site and for the run up to the CoP to be a time to campaign for more teachers and schools to use it. Many of us will be doing this or know people who are, so we can help put this together. 

From the autumn in the run up to the Cop, the Union is looking for some examples of good practice in teaching about climate change e.g. Stimulating starting points for learning, lesson plans, indoor and outdoor, ideas for trips, resource links, schemes of work videos or photos of any of these to post in the recovery HUB and our website so that other colleagues can use and adapt them. 

These will be especially promoted during the Climate Themed Learning Month we are launching with UCU to coincide with the COP in November, but we need as much good material as we can get ready for the Autumn term so we can start the new academic year the way we mean to go on.

This is the link to the recovery HUB, in case you would like to look at it