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Join a Trade Union solidarity day with student climate strikes, Friday 24 May

Join a Trade Union solidarity day with student climate strikes, Friday 24 May

The last few months and weeks have been amazing.

The global movement of school climate strikes and the inspiring actions of Extinction Rebellion have shifted the debate on climate change injecting a new urgency. 

The first success of this growing movement has been to force the UK parliament to declare a ClimateEmergency.

Now we need the action to match the words. 

Greta Thunberg has called for a general strike urging others join student striking for climate action. 

Many trade unionists across the trade union movement have been inspired by the action taken in the last few months by young people determined to defend their future. Now, as Trade unionists, let’s stand in Solidarity and add our voice to the call for climate action.

Let’s start by building solidarity with the school climate strike on May 24th
Can you?- Can you bring your trade union banner on the Youth Strike 4 Climate protest on Friday 24 May @ 11am in Parliament Square in London? Can you get to local demonstrations across Britain?- Can you get a solidarity photo in your work place showing trade unions stand with students and tweet it using hashtags #GlobalStrike4Climate and #TradeUnions4Climate- Organise a trade union meeting on the day to discuss the Climate Emergency and what your union is doing to respond?- Pass a motion of solidarity in your union/branch- Share with us at CACC trade union Group and others ideas about what we can do to stand in solidarity with student climate strikers.

Let’s mobilise across the whole of the trade union movement- to put a million climate jobs and a national climate service to deliver a Green New Deal at the heart of the urgent action we need to tackle the climate emergency. 

Hope you are able to join us in a Trade Union Solidarity day with student climate strikes on May 24th.
Let me know what you are planning to do. 
In Solidarity

Suzanne Jeffery Campaign Against Climate Change Trade Union Group

Motion for Spring Conference will ensure trade union representation on new Council

The Green Party Holistic Review does not include a position on the proposed Council for someone representing trade unions. The GPTU believes that this is a serious ommission. Work with trade unions should be central to the Green Party, not just because it is part of the social justice agenda but also because a genuine move towards a low-carbon economy must involve Just Transition and thus positive work with trade unions to address the impact on workers in the industrial and energy sectors.

The GPTU is already involved through our participation in the Greener Jobs Alliance, discussions around a new Lucas Plan and support for the Clean Air Trade Union Network.

A motion has been proposed for the Spring Conference that can be found on the conference pre-agenda page.

Green Trade Unionists launch campaign for “I Heart Unions” week.

Today, we in the Green Party Trade Union Group (GPTU) are launching our campaign for “I Heart Unions” week which runs from the 8th to the 14th February. This week celebrates the brilliant work that Trade Unions do in workplaces up and down the country. Whether it’s getting colleagues together and taking industrial action to protect jobs and conditions or just everyday work that Trade Union Representatives do to help individual employees with workplace issues, unions play a vital role in our society. A recent example is where RMT representatives of TFL workers pushed TFL management to reinstate 60% of the jobs that the previous Mayor of London cut from underground stations, thus helping making our stations safer for staff and passengers. Trade Unions don’t just help those in employment. For example, the Unite union also help those who are unemployed with their Unite Community scheme.

For the launch of our Young Workers’ Month campaign back in November we talked about how unionised workplaces are more productive and workers in unions are paid better and generally have better conditions than non-unionised workplaces. We also shared pictures of Young Workers saying why unions are important to them. 

For the “I Heart Unions” campaign we are hoping to be sharing short thirty-second videos every day from people stating why they love unions. Whether you’re retired, unemployed, a student or a worker of any age, please send us a video to the email address secretary@gptu.greenparty.org.uk or send one to us on twitter (@GreenPartyTU) with the hashtag #iheartunions.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to spread some love for our brilliant Trade Unions. Solidarity and love to you all.