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News from the Greener Jobs Alliance

Greener Jobs Alliance launches a new course on Just Transition

The GJA is committed to providing trade unions and supporters with resources to raise awareness on climate change. We have already produced 2 successful courses on Air Pollution, and Climate Change Awareness. Now in the lead-up to UN Climate Week in September we have designed a course intended to promote a better understanding of the term ‘just transition’.

With unions joining other organisations in declaring a climate emergency it has never been more important for their members and officials to seek to implement this social justice principle. The course contains case studies of union action from workplace, regional, national and international level. 

A flier for the course can be found here which contains further details. It could be used to support any planned activities in support of the solidarity actions on September 20th

The course is available free of charge here.

As always we encourage feedback on how you have used the materials and what you think of them.

The NEU fully endorses this excellent new resource.  Just Transition is a concept with which all citizens, and especially trade unionists, need to become familiar as we are facing an unprecedented global emergency.  This guide achieves this purpose in a concise way, without assuming previous knowledge.  We wholeheartedly recommend its use as both a training resource and general guide.’

Kevin Courtney, Joint General Secretary of the National Education Union

The course will be officially launched at the TUC Conference on Monday 9 September  2019. Details here.

TUC Conference Fringe Meeting

‘Dad’s Army’ or Labour’s Green Industrial Revolution?

Monday 9 September, 2019 – 5.45pm – 6.45pm, Room 4, Brighton Centre

The government’s efforts to tackle the climate crisis are ‘like a Dad’s Army operation,’ says its independent advisers. 

This fringe meeting will debate Labour’s Green Industrial Revolution, with plans for high quality, unionised jobs and productive zero carbon industries across the UK. Unions and the TUC now demand a Just Transition, putting jobs, skills and ‘union voice’ at the heart of these plans. Meanwhile, as air quality deteriorates, driven by fossil fuel emissions, unions are organising at work on the health risks and to build an alternative zero carbon economy

The Greener Jobs Alliance will launch our new, free online Just Transition training module.  Our aim is to help unions boost workplace organisation and awareness to tackle the climate crisis.


ChairGraham Petersen – Greener Jobs Alliance/Trade Union Clean Air Network

Danielle Rowley MP – Shadow Climate Justice and Green Jobs Minister

Bill Adams – Regional Secretary, TUC

Aaron Kiely – Friends of the Earth

Zamzam Ibrahim – NUS President

UCU – (speaker tbc)

Motion for Spring Conference will ensure trade union representation on new Council

The Green Party Holistic Review does not include a position on the proposed Council for someone representing trade unions. The GPTU believes that this is a serious ommission. Work with trade unions should be central to the Green Party, not just because it is part of the social justice agenda but also because a genuine move towards a low-carbon economy must involve Just Transition and thus positive work with trade unions to address the impact on workers in the industrial and energy sectors.

The GPTU is already involved through our participation in the Greener Jobs Alliance, discussions around a new Lucas Plan and support for the Clean Air Trade Union Network.

A motion has been proposed for the Spring Conference that can be found on the conference pre-agenda page.

NEU Climate Motion for Easter Conference supports school student strikers

The NEU, the largest teachers’ union has been in the forefront of union action on climate change.

Support is building for the following motion which has been updated to include reference to the current school students’ strikes.

NEU and UCU members and school student strikers call for ‘Climate Truth’ to be taught

Conference recognises that the latest UN climate report shows that: 

1. Without more rapid action, there will be at least a 3 degrees temperature rise by 2100; 

2. 1 degree rise above pre-industrial levels has already led to increasing fires, hurricanes, floods and droughts; 

3. The transition to a zero-carbon society to keep below a 1.5 degree increase is the most urgent problem facing humanity and is technically feasible; and 

4. The obstacles are entirely political. 

Conference believes that: 

i. The consequences of a failure to act – or an unjust transition, whereby those with wealth and power dump the costs downwards – will be severe for our members, our communities, the children we teach and – in the worst case – could threaten our survival; 

ii. We have to help lead a Just Transition; shifting energy production, transport, housing and agriculture onto a sustainable basis within the lifetimes of the children currently in our schools; with workers and communities most directly affected not dumped into destitution like the miners, but re-skilled to carry the transition out; 

iii. This needs immediate Government investment for a qualitative shift within 12 years, including a significant shift in the focus and aims of Education; 

iv. The current Government’s market solutions are failing, leading to the UK missing its targets; and 

v. The Labour Green Transformation Plan grasps the scale and speed of the transition required but this must be integrated into every level of the proposed National Education Service (NES). 

Conference instructs the Executive to approach NUS, UCU, other education unions and interested parties to: 

a. Lobby Government to press them on plans to carry out their obligation under the Paris Agreement to educate the public about the scale of climate change and the measures needed to deal with it – including through school’s curricula – and a recognition that for every school to be zero carbon by 2030; 

b. Make Just Transition a key narrative in our discussions about the NES; and 

c. Hold an Education for a Just Transition conference in the Autumn. 


Add to point iii) as required by Article 12 of the Paris Agreement.

Add new point vi) That the inadequacy of government action in the face of the urgency of the crisis has led to a rapidly growing global school students movement rightly taking the lead in demanding that their politicians urgently take the action needed to tackle the climate crisis and that our education system reflects this priority.

Add new point vi) As a generation without a voice in elections, but one which the climate crisis will impact the greatest, we commend their willingness to engage in political debate to ensure their voice is heard. 

Add after “interested parties” – including the school students movement.

Add new point d) Welcome the statement by Education International stating that “education unions stand with the students”, to disseminate this statement widely and propose that EI promotes an international campaign to implement Article 12.

Add at end

Conference agrees that the National Education Union affiliates to the Campaign Against Climate Change.