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Greens say: stay in Europe to fight for our rights at work

EU_selfiesThis week (Monday 30th May – Sunday 5th June), Greens will be making their voices heard about their rights at work – and why we need to stay in Europe to keep up the fight for fairer workplaces and a fairer society.

We’re asking Greens to participate in the campaign via social media – simply by writing your own message and taking a photo with it. Green Party members will find everything they need at http://gptu.greenparty.org.uk/europe, including¬† a briefing with ideas on what you might like to write.

Find out how you can get involved here.

Join in the campaign! Greens say stay in Europe for workers’ rights

EU_selfiesThe Green Party Trade Union Group is calling on Greens to share why they are voting Remain, as the Green Party’s pro-Remain campaign focuses on workers’ rights in the EU.

Greens are called on to write their message about why they’re better off as workers in the EU, and share it in a photo on Facebook and Twitter. This takes just a few minutes!

All that’s needed is an “I’m voting Remain because…” board provided by the Green Party, or a printer to print your own on A4 or A3. Green Party members can find everything they need at http://gptu.greenparty.org.uk/europe, including a briefing with ideas for messages that Greens may like to write.

EU referendum polls are currently close, with some polls showing a narrow lead for Remain, whilst others show the campaigns at neck-and-neck. That’s why we need you – now is the time for Greens to help get the message out as widely as possible!