Past events

Green Trade Unionists launch campaign for “I Heart Unions” week.

Today, we in the Green Party Trade Union Group (GPTU) are launching our campaign for “I Heart Unions” week which runs from the 8th to the 14th February. This week celebrates the brilliant work that Trade Unions do in workplaces up and down the country. Whether it’s getting colleagues together and taking industrial action to protect jobs and conditions or just everyday work that Trade Union Representatives do to help individual employees with workplace issues, unions play a vital role in our society. A recent example is where RMT representatives of TFL workers pushed TFL management to reinstate 60% of the jobs that the previous Mayor of London cut from underground stations, thus helping making our stations safer for staff and passengers. Trade Unions don’t just help those in employment. For example, the Unite union also help those who are unemployed with their Unite Community scheme.

For the launch of our Young Workers’ Month campaign back in November we talked about how unionised workplaces are more productive and workers in unions are paid better and generally have better conditions than non-unionised workplaces. We also shared pictures of Young Workers saying why unions are important to them. 

For the “I Heart Unions” campaign we are hoping to be sharing short thirty-second videos every day from people stating why they love unions. Whether you’re retired, unemployed, a student or a worker of any age, please send us a video to the email address or send one to us on twitter (@GreenPartyTU) with the hashtag #iheartunions.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to spread some love for our brilliant Trade Unions. Solidarity and love to you all. 

GPTU support TSSA and RMT unions taking strike action over safety concerns.

The Green Party Trade Union Group (GPTU) express complete solidarity and support for members of the RMT and TSSA unions having to take strike action today. Whilst this has caused a lot of disruption for commuters travelling into central London, the fact that 800 jobs in the last year have been lost (Source: TSSA) means that safety has been compromised to unacceptable levels. RMT AND TSSA union members have sadly had to take action since last night because the deal offered by TFL does not guarantee enough staffing levels to ensure a safely run tube and does not offer more staff in control rooms which are dangerously understaffed and in some cases empty.

With more than 80% of staff reportedly feeling more unsafe due to a sharp spike in abuse from passengers and a passenger survey reporting lack visibility of staff on platforms and stations (Source: TSSA), it is bizarre that London Mayor Sadiq Khan chooses to call the Strike today “Pointless”. Surely he should be focusing his attack on the government for cutting the funding that TFL is getting rather than turning his anger on staff who are doing their best in an awful situation.

A GPTU spokesperson, Lee Burkwood, said “I find it disheartening that a Labour mayor would choose to attack ordinary workers fighting for jobs and worker and customer safety. Sadiq got a lot of support from Trade Union members when he first ran to be Labour’s candidate for Mayor and this is how he repays them. Meanwhile I’m pleased to see the Green Party’s former Mayor candidate and current London AM Sian Berry express her support and solidarity with the staff. On a personal note I recently had to get help from staff at South Woodford station with a particular issue and they were absolutely brilliant yet clearly overworked as there were only two of them. So I completely empathise with many underground workers that have taken this action today.”

To find out more about why the strike is happening and what you can do to support the campaign for a TFL system that puts #SafetyFirst, please visit the RMT and TSSA websites.

December committee meeting

GPTU logo - vertical - RGB - green backgroundGPTU’s Committee will be meeting at 7pm on Tuesday, 13th December. GPTU members can attend:

  • in person at Development House, 56-64 Leonard St, London EC2A 4LT; or
  • online via Google Hangouts (free of charge!).

All GPTU Committee meetings are open to all GPTU members to attend.

If you’re interested in dialling in via Google Hangouts, or want to know more about coming along in person, please get in touch for the details!

GPTU full members’ meeting at Autumn Conference

GPTU logo - vertical - RGB - green backgroundOur next GPTU membership meeting will be on Friday, 2nd September, 6:30-7:30pm in the Seminar Room at Green Party Autumn Conference in Birmingham.

You will be able to attend the meeting via Google Hangouts if you’re not at Conference – get in touch with us to find out the details.

We will be discussing GPTU’s campaigning over the next few months; how Local Parties can get more involved; and any upcoming disputes or Trade Union events.

We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

GPTU August committee meeting

GPTU logo - vertical - RGB - green backgroundOur next GPTU committee meeting will be on Thursday, 18th August at 7pm. at Development House, 56-64 Leonard St, London, EC2A 4LT.

The meeting will also be accessible by Skype – please contact us if you wish to participate by Skype and let us know your Skype name in advance.

GPTU members are invited to attend committee meetings.

GPTU at Latitude Festival 2016

Latitude15_Victor Frankowski_[_DVF9600]
Latitude Festival
We’re delighted to announce that the Green Party Trade Union Group will be at Latitude Festival (14th-17th July) for the first time in 2016, via the Workers’ Beer Company.

The Workers’ Beer Company was set up by Trade Unionists from the Battersea and Wandsworth Trades Council in 1986, to raise funds for striking miners and other workers in dispute. Today, still run by BWTUC, it operates at Glastonbury and Latitude as well as several Irish festivals and other individual events. It raises funds for Trade Union branches and the wider labour movement – and still prioritises trade union branches in the middle of disputes.

Our allocation is full this year, but if you’d be interested in coming to Latitude with GPTU next year, let us know (and join us if you’re not already a member!).

GPTU at Tolpuddle Festival 2016

Tolpuddle Festival

GPTU will have a strong presence at the 2016 Tolpuddle Martyrs’ Festival (15th-17th July) in Dorset, one of the most important events on the Trade Union movement’s calendar.

The festival is a celebration of Trade Unionism, and remembers the six Tolpuddle Martyrs, whose sacrifice is regarded as the birth of organised labour in Britain.

We are grateful to all Greens who can attend and help set up and run the Green Party / GPTU stall  any time from the Friday afternoon (15th July) to the Sunday (17th July) – and more importantly, if any Greens would like to march under the GPTU banner on Sunday 17th July. If you’re going to be there, please let us know!