Stay in Europe for workers’ rights

GREEN_LOGO_CIRCLE_300dpiThis week (Monday 30th – Sunday 5th June), Greens will be saying: let’s vote to REMAIN in Europe, so we can keep up the fight for fairer workplaces and a fairer society.

The Greens for a Better Europe Campaign is focusing on workers’ rights this week – so let’s get the word out and help make the case for Remain.


We need you! Join in the campaign


We’re asking Greens to join in the campaign and share why they are voting ‘Remain’ as working people.

Taking part is simple! Here’s all you have to do:

  1. Get a blank “I’m voting Remain because…” board. Your local party may have one – or they can ask for one from the Green Party. Alternatively, you can just download and print a paper one here:  download an A4 board or download an A3 board.
  2. Write your message about the EU working rights that you most want to protect or fight for. If you want some inspiration about what to write, have a look at our quick briefing here which has got a whole list of them.
  3. Get a picture of yourself with your board and share on Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #GreenerIn. Group pictures are even better!
  4. That’s it! Thanks for joining in.


Why is it so important?

The EU is the source of many of our most important rights at work – including non-discrimination, maternity leave, paid holidays and rest breaks. These are fundamental questions of economic equality; equality for women, LGBTIQ people, ethnic minorities, disabled people and many others; and our very quality of life. These are all fundamental Green issues and ones which many of us campaign on.

Leaving the EU could mean losing these rights. The Tory government has shown it is willing to attack all those working rights that are not protected by the EU. Whilst we wouldn’t lose all of these EU rights immediately on 24th June, the Tories and UKIP would soon attack them after a Brexit.

But more importantly, if we remain in the EU, we can campaign with our fellow Greens and fellow Trade Unionists across Europe – to create a better Europe for working people. GPTU supports Greens for a Better Europe as well as Another Europe Is Possible, to which the Green Party is also affiliated. These campaigns aren’t campaigns for the status quo; we realise there is much about Europe we need to change. But unless we stay in Europe and work with our European comrades, we can’t achieve that change.

Want to know more? Read more the Greens for a Better Europe and the Another Europe Is Possible websites.