About GPTU

The Green Party Trade Union Group (GPTU) IMG_2099is a group of Green Party members who are Trade Unionists and supporters of the Labour movement, working to bring the Green Party and the Trade Union movement closer together.

The Green Party has the best policies for workers and the best record in supporting organised labour, and we believe the Trade Union movement is central to the kind of society we want to see.


Green People

GPTU brings together Trade Unionists and supporters of the labour movement from across the Green Party.

The Green Party’s most prominent people have shown their support for the Trade Union movement; and some of the Trade Union movement’s most prominent leaders have shown their support for the Green Party.

Caroline LucasCaroline Lucas, Green MP for Brighton Pavilion

“We stand for fair pay, workplace rights, and against unfair and unnecessary cuts. Your fight is our fight.”

Peter PinkneyPeter Pinkney, former RMT union president and Green Party candidate at the 2015 General Election

“I have always said: “No Earth, no socialism.””

Green Policies

GreenwichNHSThe Green Party is proud to fight for equality and stand up for working people.  We recognise the role of organised labour in creating a fairer society – that’s why the Green Party promotes the rights of Trade Unions, including the right to collective bargaining and the right to strike.

We are equally proud to fight to protect our planet and create a green society. But we can’t do this simply  through top-down regulation. We need to empower workers to take control and make green choices in their workplaces. The Trade Union movement will be instrumental in achieving this.

We want to achieve these aims through Green policies, which include:

An alternative to austerity. We need to invest in our future and create  decent jobs that cut carbon and improve our  quality of life. Tackling climate change and inequality must be our priorities.

Public services in our hands. We want a public NHS and renationalised railways. Caroline Lucas’ Public Service Users’ Bill would bring back into public ownership many services on which we all depend.

Securing the climate. Trade Unions will be vital in creating a green society. With stronger Trade Union rights, workers can take greater control and push for social and environmental justice at work.

Freedom for Trade Unions. The UK has the most restrictive Trade Union laws in the developed world. We need to strengthen them to support the right to collective bargaining and the right to strike.

Wage equality. We need to raise the minimum wage so that it is a living wage, and introduce a pay ratio of no more than 10:1 between the lowest and the highest paid in any organisation.

You can view the Green Party’s full set of policies here.