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Green Party Trade Union Group show support for Post Office workers on strike.

The Green Party Trade Union Group (GPTU) unequivocally support the Post Office workers who went out on strike today. Thousands of Post Office workers have been walking out on strike from workplaces across the country in response to continuing attacks by company chiefs on their job security and pensions. 

The Christmas walkouts follow previous Days of Action earlier this month and in October and September, and have been forced on the union by the company’s continuing refusal to negotiate with the CWU on their plans to close branches across the country and make sweeping changes to pensions. CWU are calling on the Post Office management to pause its closure and privatisation programme and commit to meeting with other key stakeholders and construct a lasting vision of the Post Office that serves its staff and customers alike.

A GPTU Spokesperson, Lee Burkwood has said this. “When the previous Coalition government proposed privatising the Post Office, The Green Party spoke out against this. Sadly, what we feared about job losses and branch closures is coming true. Profit for the shareholders is the main aim now, rather than providing a universal post service and having secure jobs and decent conditions for staff. We urge the management to listen to the concerns of Post Office staff to prevent further walkouts. Unlike the Conservative Party, we do not believe the Post Office staff on strike are showing contempt for other workers. Indeed we believe it’s the Post Office management who have shown contempt for its employees.”

Another crucial point to make is that not only will this affect staff but also members of our community such as the disabled and elderly who rely on the Post Office as a form of social interaction and to access vital services like banking and posting letters. 
To find out how to support the staff on strike, please visit

December committee meeting

GPTU logo - vertical - RGB - green backgroundGPTU’s Committee will be meeting at 7pm on Tuesday, 13th December. GPTU members can attend:

  • in person at Development House, 56-64 Leonard St, London EC2A 4LT; or
  • online via Google Hangouts (free of charge!).

All GPTU Committee meetings are open to all GPTU members to attend.

If you’re interested in dialling in via Google Hangouts, or want to know more about coming along in person, please get in touch for the details!