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Green Trade Unionists pledge support for Deliveroo workers

DeliverooStrikeProtest11-8-16-11The Green Party Trade Union Group (GPTU) cautiously welcomes the deal that Deliveroo Couriers have recently reached with the company. They are now not being forced to accept the new conditions of their employment which would have been £3.75 for each delivery. Depending on how many deliveries they made in a hour, this could have effectively meant that certain employees were not going to be paid at least the legal minimum wage. The result shows that collective action taken by workers is extremely important and one of the reasons every worker in Britain should be part of a Trade Union or at least be willing to collectively take action in the face of injustice.

However there is a long way to go. The current wages of £7 an hour plus £1 for every delivery isn’t good enough. Every worker deserves a wage they can live on. That means that every Deliveroo workers should be paid at least what the Living Wage is. This would be £8.25 an hour or £9.40 an hour if they work in London. Deliveroo should also offer their workers benefits such as a decent pension, regular breaks, holiday pay, sick pay and maternity/paternity pay.

The fight for fairer conditions isn’t over and the Green Party are ready to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Deliveroo workers should they take further action. As one Deliveroo employee said “They are not changing their strategy,” They are signing up new drivers on the new contracts at £3.75 per delivery all the time. It is just a game.”

GPTU August committee meeting

GPTU logo - vertical - RGB - green backgroundOur next GPTU committee meeting will be on Thursday, 18th August at 7pm. at Development House, 56-64 Leonard St, London, EC2A 4LT.

The meeting will also be accessible by Skype – please contact us if you wish to participate by Skype and let us know your Skype name in advance.

GPTU members are invited to attend committee meetings.

August newsletter

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Dear GPTU member,


Leadership and executive candidates answer GPTU questions

Voting in the Leadership and Executive elections in the Green Party is now under way!

With a host of candidates standing for Leader and Deputy Leader, GPTU put four questions to each of the candidates and has published their answers. We also put the same questions to the two candidates standing for the position of Trade Union Liaison Officer, given this role’s importance to GPTU and to Trade Unionists in the party.

If you haven’t voted already, read the candidates’ answers and then make your mark!


GPTU motions and meeting at Autumn Conference

The final agenda for Green Party Autumn Conference is now available. GPTU has done extremely well, with our two policy motions coming first and fifth in the policy motions (“C”) section.

Well done to everyone who voted in the prioritisation ballot – we can proudly say that we’ve put Trade Unions and workers’ rights right at the top of the agenda for policy debate at this year’s Autumn Conference!

GPTU will also be holding its full membership meeting at Autumn Conference on Friday, 2nd September at 18:30. Agenda and meeting room will be circulated soon – keep an eye out for our next mailout, or watch for announcements on the website!


GPTU at Tolpuddle Martyrs’ Festival 2016

GPTU made a huge impact at the Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival earlier this month – one of the most prominent Trade Union events of the year – thanks to a collaborative effort by Kieron Merrett (GPTU Secretary), Brian Heatley (West and South Dorset Greens), Derek Hardman, and a host of Green Party activists who came to the festival.

In conjunction with West and South Dorset Greens and other Green Party activists, we made our presence felt. Our stall in the main marquee displayed the Green Party’s recent work for Trade Unions, particularly on the Trade Union Bill, and gathered support for the Green Party’s proposal for a Progressive Alliance. Meanwhile, we put on a show during the main march, with a strong Green bloc displaying the GPTU and Dorset Greens banners.

GPTU is looking forward to attending TUC Congress later this year to continue this work of promoting the Green Party and its work to the Trade Union movement – and of course we’ll be back at Tolpuddle next year!


August committee meeting

GPTU committee will be meeting on 18th August at 7:00pm. Committee meetings are open to all GPTU members and are accessible by Skype for any members who cannot attend in person. Please stay tuned to the website for further updates on location and agenda.



I hope to see you at Autumn Conference!


In solidarity,

Kieron Merrett

Secretary, Green Party Trade Union Group
and the GPTU Committee

Green Trade Unionists push workers’ issues and Trade Unions to the top of the agenda for Green Party Conference

The top-ranked policy motion for discussion at this year’s Green Party Autumn Conference is one which opposes the Trade Union Act

Trade Unionists in the Green Party, organised as the Green Party Trade Union Group (GPTU), have successfully put Trade Union issues at the top of the policy agenda for this year’s Green Party Autumn Conference.

GPTU’s first motion opposes the Tory Trade Union Act, passed into law earlier this year, and has been voted by members as the top priority in the “C” section for policy motions.

The second, calling for legislation to make it easier for Trade Unions to organise in new workplaces, has made it to fifth place (out of 25) on the agenda for policy motions.

Kieron Merrett, Green Party Trade Union Group Secretary, said, “As Trade Unionists in the Green Party, we’re delighted that Trade Union and workers’ issues have been voted as the very top priority for policy discussion at this year’s Autumn Conference.

Well done to all those Green Party members who voted in the prioritisation ballot. It is clearly no coincidence that the Green Party has the most pro-worker and pro-Trade Union policies of any major party. We’ve shown that the Green Party is the party for Trade Unionists and working people.

Green Party Autumn Conference will take place at the University of Birmingham on 2nd-4th September

Green Party members were earlier asked to vote in a ballot to prioritise the motions for discussion at Autumn Conference, which ended on 20th July.

The results of the voting can now be seen in the Final Agenda for conference, recently published (Green Party members only).

The Green Party’s Autumn Conference is to be held between 2nd and 4th September in Birmingham.

For more information on Autumn Conference, see the information on the Green Party website.