Greens: help us prioritise Trade Union motions at Autumn Conference 2016

surveyThe Green Party Trade Union Group (GPTU) has submitted two Trade Union motions for Autumn Conference 2016, which are now being considered for prioritisation.

If you’re a Green Party member and you haven’t already completed the prioritisation ballot, please do so and consider putting GPTU’s two motions at the top of your priorities in the “C” section. This just takes a few minutes!

The two GPTU motions are listed in the “C” section as:

  • Cβ 9. Opposition to the Conservatives’ Trade Union Act
  • Cβ 10. Statutory right of access to workplaces for Trade Unions

The link to the prioritisation ballot is here – click here to complete the ballot in just a few minutes.

You can read the full text of the motions and the list of supporters here (Green Party login required).

Unless Green Party members vote to prioritise these motions, they may not make it onto the agenda for discussion at Autumn Conference.

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