GPTU calls on Greens to support the UCU Higher Education strike, 25th-26th May

SMG - 25-26 May UCU fbThe Green Party Trade Union Group is calling on Greens to support the strike called by the UCU union in universities and Higher Education, 25th-26th May.

University and HE staff will be on strike for two days not only against pay which has fallen by over 14% in real terms since 2009, but also against a huge 12.6% gender pay gap in Higher Education, and against increasing insecurity and casualisation of employment contracts for HE staff.

Green student groups in particular are encouraged to support the UCU action. This could be by:

  • Attending the picket line at your university or Higher Education institution and telling the staff that you support them. Get in touch with the UCU branch at your institution to find out when and where a picket may be taking place (most have websites), or simply speak to the staff on the picket line when you see them. If possible, you can even bring drinks and snacks for the picketers!
  • Emailing your Vice-Chancellor or Principal, calling on them to put pressure on the national negotiations to come up with a better offer for HE staff.
  • Encouraging your Student Union to take action in support of the HE staff at your institution.

UCU has issued guidance to students who wish to support the strike.

Greens who attend picket lines or take action to support the UCU strike are encouraged to share photos on Facebook and Twitter and to let GPTU know!

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