Greens stand in #SolidariTea with the junior doctors

Wandsworth Green Party and the Green Party Trade Union Group with striking doctors at St George’s Hospital, Tooting

Greens have stood in solidarity on the picket lines with striking junior doctors this week, as part of the Green Party Trade Union Group’s “SolidariTea” call to action.

Last month, GPTU called on local Green Parties to come to the picket lines and bring tea and coffee for the doctors on strike, to support them in their dispute against the Conservative Government’s plans to impose a dangerous new contract.

The “SolidariTea” idea was pioneered by GPTU’s Campaigns Officer, Will Quick, at Bristol Royal Infirmary, before GPTU called for other local Green Parties to put on their own SolidariTea events.

Several local Green Parties, including Bristol Green Party, Wandsworth Green Party, Kingston Green Party, and Greenwich Green Party, took to Facebook and Twitter to show their support for the doctors’ strike.

Full Green Party support

Bristol Greens at the BMI picket line at Bristol Royal Infirmary

The Green Party has previously announced its full support for the doctors’ strike. At 2016 Spring Conference, a motion passed by Larry Sanders, the Green Party’s Health Spokesperson, confirmed that the Green Party would call for the contracts to be overturned, should the Conservative Government go ahead and impose them this year.

The next strike dates planned by the British Medical Association are 26th-28th April.


Wandsworth Green Party’s Lois Davis captured the Greens at the St George’s picket line in a fantastic video:

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