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Greens stand with RMT Southern Conductors on strike over passenger safety

Davy Jones and Brighton and Hove Greens at the RMT conductors’ picket line at Brighton Station

Greens stood in solidarity with RMT Train Conductors on Southern Rail today and yesterday as they took strike action against the extension of driver-only operation (DOO).

The RMT called its members to take industrial action against the measure, which will not only mean fewer train conductors, but also put passengers’ and train drivers’ safety at risk.

Brighton and Hove Green Group leader Phélim Mac Cafferty visited the RMT picket line at Brighton Station early on in the strike, commenting that he was “proud” to show his support.

Davy Jones, Green Parliamentary Candidate for Brighton Kemptown, and other members of Brighton and Hove Greens also visited the picket line at Brighton Station to show solidarity with the RMT members on strike.

GPTU secretary Kieron Merrett supporting the RMT conductors’ picket line at Victoria

Meanwhile, Green Party Trade Union Group (GPTU) committee members Kieron Merrett and Anna Jordan stood in solidarity with RMT conductors on strike at London Victoria station this morning. GPTU was delighted to learn that the RMT’s strike has been rock solid, with near-full participation from Southern Conductors.

RMT members voted in huge numbers for the strike, giving the union an unassailable mandate for industrial action which far surpassed the new thresholds set down in the Tories’ Trade Union Bill. GPTU previously congratulated RMT on its “Trade Union Bill-busting” mandate for action.

GPTU wishes RMT conductors every success in their dispute with Southern Rail, and will support future planned strike dates on 10th-11th and 12th-13th May.


SolidariTea with the junior doctors

26th April 08:00 until 28th April 08:00

IMG_1588Greens! Its’ time to standing with the BMA junior doctors once again as their dispute escalates to an all-out strike on 26th and 27th April. Show your SolidariTea by bringing tea and coffee for the doctors on the picket line!

Click here for more details about how you can get involved!

#SolidariTea: Green Trade Unionists call on Greens to show support for junior doctors’ all-out strike

Meme - GO 26th April BMAOnce again, the Green Party Trade Union Group is calling on local Green Parties in England to show support for the BMA’s junior doctors, under the #SolidariTea banner, as they escalate to an all-out strike from 26th-28th April.

Click here for more information on SolidariTea, including advice on how to set up a SolidariTea event near you.

As part of the Get Organised campaign run jointly with the Young Greens, GPTU is encouraging Greens to bring tea and coffee for doctors on strike. Several local Green Parties supported the junior doctors with #SolidariTea on 6th and 7th April.

The Green Party has previously given its full backing to the doctor’s strike. At this year’s Spring Conference, the party confirmed its policy is to reverse the imposition of the contract if the Tory Government imposes it this year.



Get Organised: Support our Junior Doctors!

Thursday 21st April at 7:15pm
Development House, 56-64 Leonard St, London EC2A 4JX
RSVP on Facebook here

12920518_1051603621552415_5757009384409287904_nWith further strikes taking place throughout April, including doctors’ first ever full walk-out, we’ll be holding a discussion on the current dispute between junior doctors and the government, and more broadly on why it’s so important for our young members to get organised and join Trade Unions- especially in an age of austerity and a sustained attack on public services.

Speakers so far include:
Yannis Gourtsoyannis – British Medical Association
Barry Faulkner – Unite the Union

Look out for more updates! All welcome!

Green Trade Unionists hail RMT’s “Trade Union Bill-busting” mandate for industrial action

2174303605The Green Party Trade Union Group (GPTU) has hailed RMT’s cast-iron mandate for industrial action by conductors on Southern Rail, which achieved over 90% “yes” vote and over 80% turnout.

RMT’s ballot busts through all the new  restrictions that the Tory Government has threatened to impose via its Trade Union Bill

The Tory Government is attempting, with its Trade Union Bill, to impose new restrictions on the right to strike. They include a new minimum 40% turnout for strike ballots to be valid. In addition, in the public sector, at least 50% of those eligible to vote must vote “yes” for strike action to be permitted.

The RMT’s ballot soared over these potential hurdles by a wide margin, demonstrating that industrial action can and will continue despite the Tories’ draconian new rules.

RMT members will now be on discontinuous strike, with the first strike date scheduled for next week (Tuesday, 26th April, from 11am).

Kieron Merrett, GPTU secretary, said, “This Trade Union Bill-busting result is yet another huge strike mandate from RMT members – and it’s a slap in the face for the Tory Government which is attempting to suppress legitimate, democratic industrial action.

Congratulations to RMT train conductors on Southern Rail who voted “yes.” We look forward to giving them our full support during their strike.

The Green Party has been a staunch opponent of the Tories’ “draconian” Trade Union Bill.

Caroline Lucas, the Green Party’s RMT-backed MP, said:

The Trade Union Bill represents a savage and vindictive assault on UK employment rights – hitting at the heart of protections enshrined in international conventions. For a Government elected by only 24% of eligible voters to propose a 40% ‘yes’ threshold for public sector strikes reeks of hypocrisy.

I’ll be working with MPs from across the political parties in fighting this draconian piece of legislation as it passes through Parliament. If the Bill is passed into law, I would be prepared to join trade unionists and others in taking non-violent direct action to resist it.


Green Trade Unionists march against austerity with the People’s Assembly

The GPTU banner at the People’s Assembly demo, 16th April 2016

Green Trade Unionists marched under the GPTU banner with the Green Bloc, at the People’s Assembly Against Austerity demonstration in London on Saturday 16th April.

Green Party deputy leaders Amelia Womack and Shahrar Ali came to support GPTU and the Green Bloc.

Over 50,000 protesters joined the march, including a strong Green Bloc led by the Green Party Trade Union Group banner. The demonstration called for an end to austerity, with the four demands of homes, health, jobs and education.

Green Party Deputy Leader Amelia Womack (centre) with GPTU Co-Chair Clare Keogh (left) and GPTU Secretary Kieron Merrett (right)
Green Party Deputy Leader Shahrar Ali (right) with GPTU Membership Officer Huseyin Kishi (second from right)

Join GPTU at the People’s Assembly Demo

12916835_998041980233172_2768936436456862264_oJoin GPTU at the People’s Assembly Demo – SATURDAY 16th April, 1pm
Assembling at 1pm on Gower Street, central London

Let’s make our presence felt as Greens and as Trade Unionists at the major People’s Assembly demo next Saturday! GPTU will be at the forefront of the Green Bloc with our brand new banner. Stand with us!

As Greens, we know that the austerity narrative is a lie. We know that cuts will only hit the poorest hardest. We know that we can only build a sustainable future, both economically and environmentally, through investment in green jobs and an overhaul of our energy, transport and housing systems.

RSVP on Facebook:

Info on route, transport from across the UK to the demo and much more:

Greens stand in #SolidariTea with the junior doctors

Wandsworth Green Party and the Green Party Trade Union Group with striking doctors at St George’s Hospital, Tooting

Greens have stood in solidarity on the picket lines with striking junior doctors this week, as part of the Green Party Trade Union Group’s “SolidariTea” call to action.

Last month, GPTU called on local Green Parties to come to the picket lines and bring tea and coffee for the doctors on strike, to support them in their dispute against the Conservative Government’s plans to impose a dangerous new contract.

The “SolidariTea” idea was pioneered by GPTU’s Campaigns Officer, Will Quick, at Bristol Royal Infirmary, before GPTU called for other local Green Parties to put on their own SolidariTea events.

Several local Green Parties, including Bristol Green Party, Wandsworth Green Party, Kingston Green Party, and Greenwich Green Party, took to Facebook and Twitter to show their support for the doctors’ strike.

Full Green Party support

Bristol Greens at the BMI picket line at Bristol Royal Infirmary

The Green Party has previously announced its full support for the doctors’ strike. At 2016 Spring Conference, a motion passed by Larry Sanders, the Green Party’s Health Spokesperson, confirmed that the Green Party would call for the contracts to be overturned, should the Conservative Government go ahead and impose them this year.

The next strike dates planned by the British Medical Association are 26th-28th April.


Wandsworth Green Party’s Lois Davis captured the Greens at the St George’s picket line in a fantastic video:

St George’s – Greens in SolidariTea with the junior doctors

Thursday 7th April at 08:00
St George’s Hospital (Effort Street entrance) – closest tube Tooting Broadway
RSVP on Facebook here

Meme - GO 6th April BMAGreens will be showing Solidari-Tea with the junior doctors on strike at St George’s Hospital on Thursday, 7th April, at 8am, by bringing tea and coffee and supporting the doctors on the picket line. This is during the second day of the BMA strike against unfair and unsafe new contracts.

Please come and support this so we can demonstrate the Green Party’s support for the junior doctors in their dispute! Do come along even if you can only stay for a short while before going off to work.

Solidari-Tea events will be held around the country, as part of the GPTU and Young Greens’ “Get Organised” campaign. More info here.