GPTU and Young Greens join forces for “Get Organised” Trade Union campaign

739844_1053342461355880_1861173796112610886_oThe Green Party Trade Union Group has teamed up with the Young Greens to take forward the national “Get Organised” Trade Union solidarity campaign.

The campaign, re-launched at the Green Party’s National Conference in Harrogate last month, was first launched in 2014 to encourage youth membership of Trade Unions and create links between the Green and Trade Union movements.

The re-launch, led by Young Greens National Executive Committee member and GPTU committee member Anna Jordan, focused on acting in solidarity not only with Trade Unions but other organisations such as housing collective Focus E15, supporting strikes, and opposing the government’s Trade Union Bill.

The campaign will now go forward with the support of both the Young Greens and the Green Party Trade Union Group, with actions planned for the upcoming BMA Junior Doctors’ strike dates and an event planned for April in London.

Anna Jordan said:

At a time when Trade Unions are constantly under attack from a government increasingly hostile to the protection of workers’ rights, it’s vital that we do all we can to stand in solidarity with those fighting to defend their rights at work.

The Trade Union Bill is an unprecedented attempt to undermine the power of workers to stand up for fair pay and conditions and reflects a growing trend in this country towards favouring the profits of bosses over the rights of employees – and we must all fight tooth and nail to oppose it.

In the Young Greens we believe that unionisation and collective action are right and necessary tools for those fighting for a fairer world. We aim to support collective action be it the national Junior Doctors’ strike, student rent strikes or local communities – such as Focus E15 – organising to save their homes. There is power in the many, and as long as our government tries to hand that power over to corporations, we will stand with unions to defend it.

I was also excited to see high levels of youth engagement on this issue at this Conference, with four Young Greens elected to the Green Party Trade Union group committee.

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